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Getting With The Times

Well, we’ve listened to some people complain for a while now and finally XviD seems to have been accepted, so we’re jumping on the bandwagon. In the wake of this, we’re no longer ripping in SVCD format – it’s VCD and XviD from now on. Check out the downloads page for new videos from Stone Sour and 36 Crazyfists – both ripped in XviD. If you have anything to say, leave some feedback in our forums.

Now, onto more pressing busines… we are looking for rippers WITH EXPERIENCE. Unfortunately none of us really have time to be teaching people how to rip from scratch. We’re looking for people from the US, Canada, Australia and around Europe.

We’re also looking for someone who can provide us with webspace to host videos. The space must be at least 30-40mb in size and have UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH. I cannot stress this fact enough. Our videos get hit pretty hard, so we need all that bandwidth.

Lastly, we need someone who can act as a dump. You will need to have a fast upload (so don’t e-mail me if you can send at 30k/s, that’s no use to us) and plenty of free hard drive space (150gb+ would be nice).

Until next time – later days!

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Funny Shower Prank Videos

There are countless viral videos online revolving around shower pranks. Whether it is after a long day at work or from an after activity in your school, nothing beats a warm and relaxing shower. But recently people found a way to perfectly ruin your good time by setting up a prank.

Have you ever experienced getting played on or do you want to get back with someone for a joke they played on you? Or do you need a reference for the Aprils fools’ day? Just check out these simple tricks guaranteed to make your victim scream and get irritated!

Do not get mad and enjoy these viral videos. A great one that features the “Bloody Shower Prank”

This is one of the scariest shower pranks for your victim(s). The prank is done by adding a “blood cube” that you can purchase from a gag store. If you want to improvise on the prank add a cotton ball tinted with “red food coloring”. This is achieved by removing the shower head and adding the item inside. If you have a dual shower head, you can place the item on both units. This prank set up will quickly get washed out so there might be a chance for your victim missing the prank. Also be prepared if you suspect your victim to be homophobic or have blood phobia, since they faint, make sure you respond immediately just to be safe.


Another funny prank features the “Soup Bath” 


The idea in this prank is to place an item into the shower-head that will contaminate the water that flows through it. If you have one of the best high pressure shower head the item stuck inside will be melted in snap. Basically the water will land on your victim once they start taking a bath, the item will cause them to be even dirtier than when they started. This may be the dirtiest pranks listed here and is probably the most disgusting and irritating.

You can use any flavored bouillon cube that you want for this prank. The flavored bouillon cube will leave your victim smelling like beef, chicken or pork (depending on what you put in) while if you add sugary sweets, it will leave them feeling sticky and that is pretty annoying. And good to hear that it works in any shower, as long as the shower head is detachable.

We all know that towels come in many colors other than the usual white. In this shower prank, the more colorful the towel is, the better, however, we can still work with whites. The idea in this prank is to place powdered food dye and sprinkle it to blend in with the towel. Your victim probably won’t notice anything until he uses the towel. The aim of the prank is that they become very colorful in the process.
The food dye stains the person and their clothes and it will stick for a long time. It is not easily washed off by just water. Introduce the remedy for removing the colors only after you’ve had a nice long laugh.

Please take note that the red stain will only fade away when washed repeatedly with a shaving cream. If you want the colors to be temporary use colored chalk instead. It washes off right away.

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Viral Video Watchers Love Trampoline Tricks and Fails

If you have ever watched funny videos on the television or messed around on a social media site where people can share viral videos with you, there is a good chance, you have seen trampoline videos. Some of the coolest things you will ever see someone do can be done on a trampoline. However, there are also trampoline fails that make a person cringe upon viewing it, but often we end up watching again. Don’t believe me? Simply search on YouTube and you will see that successful trampoline tricks and painful trampoline fails, all have millions of views.

Why We Watch?

There is a video that has gone viral where two men are jumping on a rectangle trampoline. The amount of air that these two men get is unimaginable by most people. At first they are simply jumping straight up and down, but the air they are getting makes you say, “Wow”. Then they start doing tricks. They are bouncing up and over each other, flipping and twirling through their air, each one in sync with the other at all times. It is truly an amazing video to watch.

Then you may click onto another video and watch people severely fail on their trampoline while doing much easier stunts. People falling off in mid-bounce, slipping through the springs, and other insanity. Some people may attempt to jump from their rooftop to their trampoline with horrible results. They may attempt to jump from the trampoline and into a swimming pool. Any number of things can go wrong, and each one is going to make you wonder how they ever managed to get up from that major oops, but none the less, you keep on watching.

Other tricksters are not people at all. A viral video about a bear falling onto a trampoline, a dog jumping and having a great time, and virtually all other animal type has at some point had a video that the world wanted to see. The bear was an unfortunate event and a major fail, but most other animals become child like when on a trampoline. They love the bounce almost as much as children and their adults do. At the end of the day, it simply serves to make us smile.

Don’t Become another Viral Video

Unless you want to go down in history on the web for making people say, “OMG” perhaps you should consider one of the best trampolines for 2015. These trampolines offer safety through the use of nets and they are able to provide a little extra bounce when compared to other, older trampolines.

If you have children that you hope to keep safe while you encourage them to jump on something other than their bed, a My First Trampoline could be something you want to consider. The trampoline will not be damaged by excessive jumping and there are nets and other safety features that will keep them from getting hurt.

Above all, if you wish to avoid having your trampoline mishaps become a viral video laugh, common sense and understanding that you need to jump safe, will go a long ways in protecting you from injury. Perhaps then, if you on a trampoline, ends up on YouTube, it will be for the amazing tricks you and your kids have perfected.

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